Berichten met een Label ‘Richard Alley’

Professor Richard Alley (Penn State Univ): “Climate change is real. Get over it”.

Guest Post by Heleen van Soest

To get an idea of climate, energy and biodiversity policies in the US, Heleen van Soest visited Washington DC, in January and February 2014. She attended the 3 days conference Building Climate Solutions, and had interviews at a number of institutions and think tanks. In a couple of guest posts, she shares her thoughts.

Post 2: It’s real. Get over it.

Prof. Richard Alley, Penn State University: It’s cold here – Yes, we still have weather, but the world is warming.

The conference Building Climate Solutions, in Washington DC, was kicked off by governor Bill Richardson, who called for a stronger scientific input in policy-making. “Please lead on climate change in your state.” But then, what I was really looking forward to: Prof. Richard Alley, or as governor Richardson puts it: Mr. Charisma, my kind of scientist.