VCA workshop 7 april 2016

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Ecosystem Management

I was invited by CEM-members Steven de Bie and Frank Vorhies to make a keynote speech at a workshop in The Hague on the VCA initiative. VCA stands for Verified Conservation Areas It is a bottom-up approach for land-and water area owners that may get an official recognition for their work in case they effectivvcaely manage their land so that ecosystems can be restored and/or their functioning is strengthened. The first VCA’s have been registered, and the hope and expectation is that it will be the beginning of a worldwide network of such areas (mostly but not necessarily owned by companies and/or private persons), thereby creating a momentum for a new movement in areabased effective ecosystem management on the ground. 

Piet Wit, Chair of CEM

IUCNCEM Chair flash report january-april 2016 , see



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