De Gemeynt carries out projects for business and industry, government agencies, NGOs and knowledge institutes, and often instigates activities of its own. A selection:


  • Elaboration of the No Net Loss principle for biodiversity, for the Netherlands’ Taskforce on Biodiversity and Natural Resources; elaboration and assessment of several concrete No Net Loss initiatives.
  • Reduction and compensation of the biodiversity footprints of companies and activities.
  • Review of the Netherlands’ Biodiversity Policy Programme (main contractor: Bureau APE, The Hague).
  • ‘Energetic Estates’: economic use of biomass and biodiversity on private estates.
  • Gelderland Provincial Executive: development of small-scale gasification units for nature areas.
  • Preliminary study for BEE Habitat Banking.
  • Side-event on biodiversity business opportunities at National Sustainability Congress, 20 November 2012.
  • Memorandum on land acquisition from the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in the Noordoostpolder.
  • Biodiversity ‘quickscan’ for Eneco.
  • Implementation of habitat banking in the Netherlands en route to a Green Deal: a roadmap.

Energy and climate

  • mosselzaadbankbankJGreen Gas Green Deal: rapporteur and broker for conclusion of the Netherlands’ Green Deal on Green Gas.
  • Green Gas Roadmap.
  • Gas Innovation Contract: support on substance and process for the Gas Innovation Contract (TKI) in the framework of the Dutch ‘top sector policy’/’energy top sector’.
  • Small-scale LNG: preparatory work on the LNG Green Deal & LNG section of Gas Innovation Contract, substitution of heavy fuel oil by LNG in marine shipping and heavy road transport.
  • Implementation of the Gas Innovation Contract.
  • A Green Standard: consultancy and conceptualisation for a TNO methodology for monitoring and assessment of a sustainable chemicals industry.
  • New routes for sustainable innovation: analysis of the Dutch climate for sustainable innovation and roads forward.
  • Energy production on Maasvlakte-2: an exploratory study.
  • Biodiesel from algae: an exploratory study.
  • A new way ahead for oil refineries: what role can the refinery sector play in a transition to a sustainable energy economy?
  • Electric transport in a higher gear: towards an ambitious and realistic development path for transport electrification.
  • Eemshaven Pact: a social negotiation process in connection with new power plants near Eemshaven port.
  • Green energy for the base load: development of a ‘virtual’ green power station delivering competitive and sustainable power for energy-intensive industries.
  • Dialogue on CCS: expert and opinion-leader dialogue on Carbon Capture and Storage – need, utility, costs, safety, role of the Netherlands, government policy.
  • Wadden Sea, Mussel Sea: a negotiated agreement and implementation plan for the mussel industry, for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and conservation and environmental NGOs.
  • ‘Wadden Sea below Sea Level’ (Wadden onder de Waterspiegel) – the Meijer Commission 10 years on.
  • Review of government regulations on Market Introduction of Energy Innovations (MEI-regeling).
  • Public support for small-scale LNG: Trialogue on public support for LNG in shipping and heavy road transport.
  • Review of complaints procedure for energy label for homes.
  • Memorandum on Marketing of CO2 emission cuts from Dutch forestry projects.
  • Preliminary advice on several grant applications for the Dutch Postal Code Lottery.
  • Inventory of local CO2 crediting systems.
  • Options for a voluntary Dutch carbon market.
  • Gas in a long-term sustainable energy economy (Gilde): exploratory phase.
  • Gas in a long-term sustainable energy economy (Gilde): implementation phase.
  • Transition arenas for Gelderland province.
  • Climate benefits, climate policy – a positive economic analysis.
  • Review of policy options for Guarantees of Origin, for the Directorate-General for Public Works & Water Manage­ment (Rijkswaterstaat).
  • Rewrite of Planet First! manifesto.
  • Research and recommendations for the Veluwe Fund.
  • Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works & Water Manage­ment (Rijkswaterstaat) and the circular economy.
  • Advice on climate and energy for the Rabo Bank.
  • Participation in External committee on environmental analysis of packaging.
  • Consultancy on wind power around Emmen.

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