Stakeholders discuss energy systems at the 2015 Springtij event.

The aim of every energy and climate project is to collaborate with partners and stakeholders to address some aspect of the overall problematique confronting society today. While agreement can sometimes be readily reached among all the parties involved, that’s not always the case: there may always be organisations or individuals that cannot identify with an emerging consensus on vision and strategy.

We’re dealing with processes for which it’s unfortunately never quite clear what the outcome will be. While we and other participants will generally have our ideas on a vision of the future, it will always be a collective process in which solutions are sought that enjoy wide support. It’s also a collective learning process in which we together learn what does and what doesn’t work.

The role of De Gemeynt in all of this is that of an expert independent facilitator. We organise the process, bring stakeholders to the negotiating table, seek creative routes towards solutions, work out what issues parties agree and disagree on, and are not afraid to make our own vision known if that helps guide the process. A key point of departure is that while De Gemeynt has knowledge and understanding of where solutions might lie, we’re not a stakeholder with interests of our own. Our greatest interest is to do our best to ensure the solutions found are both solid in terms of substance and enjoy broad support.





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