Policy and strategy

strategie beleid

Although governments have drawn up policies for conserving and managing biodiversity and defined the terms of the playing field, they often prefer a ‘hands off’ approach with respect to actual policy implementation. Industry, on the other hand, has the entrepreneurial gusto, access to technologies and know-how, and the perseverance required to engender sustainable solutions. NGOs, for their part, have demonstrated their responsibility and care when it comes to practical conservation and management.

Here, De Gemeynt can support parties by providing advice and furnishing the required know-how:

  • Policy and planning: supporting government, industry and NGOs in elaborating biodiversity policy and prioritising objectives.
  • The business case for biodiversity management: how do business and other organisations utilise biodiversity, why does action need to be taken, and with what aspirations? How can corporate support be obtained for setting up and implementing a biodiversity policy?
  • Development of a vision and strategy, formulation of a biodiversity policy, harmonisation with other CSR themes (Corporate Social Responsibility), development of ambitious but realistic targets.




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