Communication and training

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Knowledge, information and awareness at all levels in a company or organisation make integration of biodiversity policy and action a great deal easier, encouraging participation by all concerned and often leading to unanticipated creative input. Equally important for good results is communication with external stakeholders, suppliers and customers.

De Gemeynt helps clients with:


  • Strategic communication within companies and other organisations (knowledge and awareness), its execution (brochures, folders, websites/texts, creation of volunteer programmes) being handled by specialists.
  • External communication: local and regional/national stakeholders, customers and suppliers (mainly awareness).
  • Lectures, presentations, blogs, articles to make the biodiversity issue accessible to a wider audience.
  • Organisation of seminars, symposiums and debates.


  • Providing biodiversity training to staff, experts and managers for specific jobs and activities.
  • Training in ‘multi-stakeholder’ negotiations for sustainable use of ecosystem services.




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