Biodiversity footprint

biodiversiteit voetafdruk

In their business activities companies make use of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The same holds for infrastructural developments. Each and every economic activity, ongoing or new, has a biodiversity footprint, deriving from the use of land, resources and living materials, and the discharges arising during the production process. The challenge today is to reduce this footprint and compensate what remains, so to contribute to biodiversity conservation and management by becoming biodiversity-neutral (No Net Loss).

This is the core of the business case for business and government to make biodiversity an integral part of policy-making and day-to-day management practices. To this end we have developed the No Net Loss methodology, which has now been implemented at a number of companies. We support clients with our business-oriented and creative No Net Loss approach, which is rooted in the ‘mitigation hierarchy’ of avoidance, mitigation and compensation, with a net positive impact on biodiversity conservation as the outcome wherever possible.

De Gemeynt can help you with the following:

  • Establishing how and when projects and business activities cause biodiversity loss, and analysing the options for avoiding or reducing it: probability and risk analysis, performing a biodiversity scan, impact assessment (IA), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), development and implementation of Biodiversity Action Plans (BAP) and execution of pilot projects.
  • Compensation and offsets: development and implementation of No Net Loss (NNL) / Net Positive Impact (NPI) plans, supervision of NNL/NPI programmes, creation of ‘biodiversity offset banks’.
  • Execution of No Net Loss scans.
  • Measurement, monitoring and reporting: establishing performance indicators and practical monitoring methods, implementing monitoring programmes, data analysis, reporting.
  • Management: integration of biodiversity in business management, certification.
  • Support with and execution of fieldwork, planning and implementation of biodiversity and conservation activities.




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