olie-installatie irakIt is thanks to ecosystem services that we have a global economy, and the nature and scale of those services is largely to be attributed to to biodiversity. On top of that, as most will agree, biodiversity has its own intrinsic value, irrespective of any human use thereof.

Biodiversity is thus indispensable. Everyone, from private citizens to businesses and government, has a direct and indirect impact on biodiversity, on what it comprises and how it’s distributed. The Earth’s biodiversity is in rapid decline, though, and with it the availability of ecosystem services such as provision of clean air and crop pollination by insects.

De Gemeynt helps businesses, governments and non-governmental organisations developing their roles and strategies for conserving biodiversity, ranging from tangible measures to integrate biodiversity in day-to-day operational management, to creative and attractive solutions to offset biodiversity loss. We provide strategic and policy advice, offer operational support and initiate scientific research. Where necessary, we communicate the importance of biodiversity to businesses and policy-makers.

We maintain close working relations with national and international NGOs and scientific institutes, allowing us to keep track of the latest social and scientific trends and be able to translate them into state-of-the-art methodologies and processes.




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